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Il·lustraciència contest has its winners

First edition of the international contest about scientific illustration of the ACCC

Scientific art in images. Today we present the winners of the competition that last autumn launched the Catalan Association for Science Communication (ACCC) about scientific illustration.

The organization was pleased by the high number of participants, 75, and the presence of international applications, especially from America. The jury wants to emphasize the good level of most participants and they recognize that it has not been easy to choose the winners.

The first prize, awarded with 300 euros, was for Mafalda Paiva’s work 
«Thaumetopea Pitiocampa».

«Thaumetopea Pitiocampa» by Mafalda Paiva

The second prize, awarded with 250 euros, was for Pedro Salgado’s «Zeus Faber».



«Zeus Faber» by Pedro Salgado


The Audience Award was given to Lucia Antunes for «Plant as habitat».



«Plant as habitat» by Lucia Antunes


All three winners will also receive a diploma.

Exhibition and next edition
The ACCC is preparing an exhibition with a selection of illustrations that the Library Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will host next fall. In addition, the association is now preparing the second edition of this event.


More information in the contest blog.